5 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Moscow
5 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Moscow
Liderinvest, Moskapstroy
9 000 sq.m.
А. Kuzmina, I. Mashkov,
E. Grigorova, V. Borisenko,
Н. Kuzmina, A. Dundukov
View from Pokrovsky Boulevard
The building on Pokrovsky Boulevard was designed in accordance with the historical and architectural environment and the Customer's wishes. The majority of buildings on the Boulevard Ring of Moscow were created in the period of Eclecticism and Historicism in architecture.
Interpretation of these forms in the vein of modern architecture with its new materials and technologies creates completely new images, however, bringing familiar associations.
On the brightly detailed facade of the building one can read decorative elements inherent to Constructivism: the vertical rhythm of pylons - memory of place, floral and geometric ornaments of Art Deco and Russian Modern. The sculptural images of owls crowning the building are very consonant with the aesthetics of Moscow boulevards laid out in their time on the site of the White City walls. The interior of the entrance group is characterised by elegance, referring to classical styles and at the same time oriented towards modern trends.

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