artist statement
Galina Vishnevskaya College of Musical and Theatrical Art
Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Art (red diploma)
Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov at the Russian Academy of Arts (red diploma)
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (since 2012)
Co-founder of the architectural bureau Ortho Architects (since 2012)
Exhibitions and competitions:
2013 ArchiGraphicArts competition of architectural drawings
2014 ArchiGraphicArts competition of architectural drawings (finalist)
2016 ArchiGraphicArts competition of architectural drawings (finalist)
academic art education • author's technique • minimalism in architecture • emotions in painting

I paint so as not to write texts. And so as to be surprised to find new facets of perception of the world.
An image from nowhere informs one's mood. Colours and textures intertwine intricately, tasking me with uniting them and subjecting them to one idea.
A finding by chance is complemented by the absolute understanding of the idea, and the dialectics of colorful abstract living feeling and academic painting finds its only exact embodiment.
Of course, the process of creation does not end with the completion of the painting.
The creator's perception of the world resonates with the viewer, who complements what he or she has seen with his or her own feelings.
Is this an unconscious response to what I have experienced or just a solution to an aesthetic problem?
Probably both. You may get an answer from my paintings or you may find in them a question that has no answer.
ведаем что творим